Thankyou for wanting to get to know us or perhaps you already do and just want to get to know us a bit better.

We are an establishment specializing in everything to do with needle and thread and we are constantly striving to recover this valuable tradition.

In the past these skills were passed down from generation to generation, and it is thanks to this that today they still survive. In spite of the fact that different cultural and structural influences in our society today have put them in danger, there are many that believe in its validity and that indeed it has a solid future.

With respect, our trade is orientated to helping, both in providing the material and the skills to begin with and to develop knowledge in this field.

We stock all materials for: lace, cross stitching, hand and machine embroideries, tapestry, macramé, frivolité, hardanger, tape embroidery, traditional and needleless patchwork, quilting, Yugoslavian stitching… and all the necessary trimmings: buttons, needles, hooks, zippers, tapes, rubbers, tacks, patches, embroideries, braids, velcros, shoulder pads, belts, hook and eye, safety pins etc...

And we also have the materials to help you get started, such as: books, magazines, quarterly or annual courses with a highly qualified training staff. We host exhibitions, contests with prizes and we also have an online club for all those that are internet savvy. It is the fastest and most direct channel between yourselves and ourselves.

But apart from haberdashery we have an endless number of accessories, such as: handkerchiefs, neckerchiefs, vests, ladies and gents underpants, tights and stockings, socks, scarves, gloves, caps, belts, toiletry bags, … All the leading brands: Guasch, Gisel, Punto Blanco, Abanderado, Princesa, Avet, Molfort's, Condor, Pocholo, Platino, Omsa, Berkshire, Dusen, Glory, Marie Claire...

Thanks to three generations of experience we have been granted the badge of quality in haberdashery, granted by ASEMFO (National Association of haberdashery in Spain) and the Catalan Retail Union of Haberdashery in the year 2000. In 1998 the Merchants' Association of our neighbourhood granted us an award for our 75 years work in the community. In 2001 we received the “Best Business Award” from the Barcelona City Hall.

In 2023 we will celebrate our CENTENARY, we hope to celebrate many more and to continue being your haberdashery supplier of choice.

(Translator: Nicholas James Ryan)